My son has been receiving speech and language therapy services with Rachel for the past 4 years. The first few months were not easy, as my son’s extreme behaviors and impaired communication skills made him fearful towards therapy. But we were lucky. Rachel demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate such patience, kindness, and pure compassion towards my son’s progress. Her creativity in activity choices keeps my son motivated, and improving his articulation and language skills each year. My son is a better communicator today because of Rachel’s hard work, knowledge, and kindness. Thank you Rachel!

S.H. Upper West Side, NYC, (Father of 10-year-old boy)

I have had the privilege of working with Rachel at The Gramercy School in Manhattan for the past few years. Rachel is an extremely bright, enthusiastic, and patient therapist who has consistently brought positive growth and progress in the children she treats. We have worked together on many different cases and I have always valued her approach with children, families, and other professionals. I trust her clinical judgment implicitly and have even utilized her expertise in the evaluation of my own 3-year-old son. Rachel as fun and motivating with my son and provided me with clear direction and advice. To say that I would recommend Rachel to others would be an understatement. Whoever is able to work with her will be extremely lucky.

M.A. Upper East Side, NYC, (Former School Psychologist at The Gramercy School and Mother of 3-year-old boy)

Rachel sees my daughter for speech therapy twice a week for one hour in my home. My daughter always looks forward to her sessions, as Rachel is very engaging and fun to work with. She chooses functional and appropriate activities in an upbeat manner while working to reach targeted speech and language goals. She works on articulation as well as receptive and expressive language. Rachel is included in all speech related communication with our school and she carries over their concepts and themes at home. She is very professional, polite, amenable, and punctual and it is a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her!

L.L. Midtown, NYC, (Mother of teenage girl)

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel for 3 years at a speech-language therapy center. Rachel is very hard working, professional, and efficient. She has strong interpersonal skills and develops special bonds with her clients and their families. She goes above and beyond, tailoring every detail from therapy plans to materials in order to meet their needs and goals. Rachel has excellent clinical judgment and a large knowledge base for a variety of speech-language disorders and delays. I have seen her help many children achieve their full communicative potential and highly recommend her!

Chelsey Kotler, Director of Speech Zone www.speechzonenyc.com

We are incredibly lucky to have found Rachel! She has been seeing our daughter for over a year. Rachel’s clinical judgment and continuous effort to providing our daughter with the treatment she needs has made this process much easier than ever imagined.

R.T. Gramercy, NYC, (Mother of 4-year- old girl)

Rachel was professional, patient and my daughter took to her immediately. What seemed like a daunting process was made easy to understand and fun! I would highly recommend Rachel as a speech pathologist.

C.C. Upper East Side, NYC, (Mother of 3-year-old girl)